2016 sees the first of the annual Street Art competitions organized and sponsored by Proud Partners and hosted by the PJ Olivier Art Centre in Stellenbosch.

The concept is to enhance the streets of Stellenbosch with creative, sometimes quirky, but always refreshingly unusual works of art that will pop up in unexpected places all over the town. The artwork must interact with the immediate environment to blend in and enhance it's surroundings. The 5 winning artists will all receive cash prizes.

The public is invited to participate by taking photos of themselves at the artworks, and to upload the selfies to the PJO's Facebook page with the hashtag pjoinnibosch. The five most creative selfies will each win a lovely hamper consisting of gift vouchers and wine.

The artwork will stay for 6 months, after which it's fate will be decided by the municipality or business that it impacts.

- All grade 11 art students from all the schools will participate, and will be given marks on their artwork.

- After the selection of 10 semi-finalists, 5 winners of R1000 each were identified. They also won the opportunity to execute their artwork in situ.

- The remaining 5 semi-finalists each won R200 and work as a team on a combined design and the painting of it in Plein Street; to introduce the treasure hunt to the public.

- The execution of the art works were done from 18 to 31 July. A further R1000 first prize will be won by the artwork that garnered the most online “Likes”.

- Closing was at midnight 2 September and the prize giving to winners happened at the Art centre’s Spring Celebration on Saturday 3 September.

The overall winner for this year's competition was Thomas Moss. Proud Partners congratulate Thomas and everyone else who made this competition the new "it" event in Stellenbosch.

For more details, visit their  Facebook Page.

The students handed in mock-ups of their ideas. Here are the finalists as chosen by our judges. These are the 5 winning concepts that were executed as artworks all over Stellenbosch:
Anja Liebenberg
The concept mock-up
Ashley Kirkman
The concept mock-up
Courtney Green
The concept mock-up
Robin Jordaan
The concept mock-up
Winner:  Thomas Moss
The concept mock-up
Overall winner with the most likes on social media Thomas Moss receiving his prize from sponsor Isabel Verwey of Proud Partners
A new mural at the entrance of the PJ Olivier Art Centre by S vd Westhuizen, created to launch the project
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