David  Cyster
David  Cyster
David Cyster is a promising young man with an extraordinary talent for playing the clarinet and a love for music to match.

This acclaimed Grade 12 learner at Durbanville's El Shaddai Christian School hails from Kuils River and plans to study for a Bachelor of Music degree at Stellenbosch after matric.

He fell in love with the clarinet after he first heard it on television at age 3. At age 7 he started his musical journey at the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre in Parow. He studies Music and Piano as a subject in the Cambridge International Curriculum at his school. His current tutor is Jimmy Reinders, himself a fine chamber musician from Stellenbosch University.

At the tender age of 17 David could already boast some major accolades:

- He completed prestigious master classes at the Crescendo Summer Institute of South Africa with some of the biggest names in classical music in South Africa, giving him opportunities to study overseas.

- He holds the title of Best Woodwind Player in the National Youth Music Competition (South Africa's biggest national music competition) in 2017, which he considers to be a highlight of his career so far.

- He won the Leon Hartshorne Prize for Best Wind Instrumentalist in 2017.

-  He also won the Hennie Joubert Prize at the 2017 Eisteddfod.

- With his friend Liam Slabbert he won the Best Duo award at the 2018 Eisteddfod.

- He was invited to join the Hungary Crescendo, but declined the offer due to his matric exam studies.

- He is on the roll of honour for his Grade 7 Unisa clarinet exams.

- Currently he is a member of the Cape Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

- He played at the Oregon Organisation's gala event at the Waterfront Aquarium in 2017.

- He has given several successful performances at various venues, including Hermanus and Rondebosch. He is also an accomplished pianist and has given various piano performances as well.
After David successfully auditioned for the Cape Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, he was in desperate need of an A clarinet. He was hampered as most pieces are written for an A Clarinet. Although he was able to do successful transposition, it made the challenging pieces almost impossible to play in the registers to which they are transposed. His mother Helen contacted Proud Partners for help, and after meeting her and learning more about this passionate young man, we bought him an almost new A Clarinet.

The normally shy David could not contain his excitement upon receiving this beautiful instrument, and has shown his genuine appreciation for this gift by working even harder. According to Helen it has literally changed his life.

There is no stopping David now and this year he will participate in several concerts and music festivals, including the Hugo Lambrechts Winners Concert, and the National Youth Music Foundation's Young Artists Concert Series.

Proud Partners is proud to have played a part in this young musician's career and know he will reach great heights. Watch this space!
Follow David on his YouTube channel for more performances.
David Cyster
David with his tutor Jimmy Reinders
David's SICMF Audition
David performs Sonata no. 9 Jean Xavier Lefèvre
David watches as Victor assembles his new clarinet
David's Mother Helen, David, & Victor De Freitas, Owner of MusiCraft, with the sponsored clarinet
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