Durbanville Children’s Home
The Durbanville Children’s Home is the second oldest orphanage in South Africa and for the past 130 years it has been a safe haven for vulnerable children. The focus of the home is the care, development and rehabilitation of emotionally traumatised children.

Music has been proved to be a powerful tool in the healing process of these children and Proud Partners decided to become involved in 2012. With the generous help of Global Music and Yamaha, Proud Partners was able to donate 15 Yamaha recorders as well as a keyboard to the orphanage.

Well-known South African singer, Nianell joined forces with Proud Partners for this project and during the presentation of the instruments she also gave a motivational speech at the Children’s Home. She used her songs and music to tell the children they are unique and that they can become whoever they want in life as the possibilities are endless… it was a message that was much appreciated by the children and staff alike!