Motivational Talks By Nianell
Nianell’s music needs no introduction. This well-known SA singer and composer is an honorary member of Proud Partners and has been involved in several of our music projects, including Durbanville; Soyisile; Belhar; Ermelo; and Pick a Pal.

This versatile artist has also been focusing on motivational talks. As she has a soft spot for children and young people in particular, we have decided to handle these under the Proud Partners banner. At every school she gives a motivational talk and sings a few songs. She also presents a few lucky learners with her CDs, DVDs and her motivational book. The learners in turn write letters to her, telling of how they are going to change the world for the better.

Although Nianell offers her services free of charge to Proud Partners, she needs her sound man as she insists on professional sound, and he charges his normal fee. As Proud Partners encourages partnerships, well-to-do schools such as Kuils River High School or Bloemhof Girls’ high School are asked to pay the sound man’s fee in exchange for a performance by her at their school. The school concerned then selects a partner school in their area that would not normally be able to afford such a performance, and Nianell then performs at both schools on the same morning.

Proud Partners has received only very positive feedback from all the schools we have visited. Nianell has a unique bond with children and young people and it is obvious that she has them in the palm of her hand after the first five minutes. Judging by the learners’ reactions, for most of them these talks are truly food for their souls.

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Here are some of the schools she visited:

Bloemhof Meisieskool
De Kuilen High School
Forrest Heights
Dirkie Uys
Darling High School
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